About Charrissa

Your Trusted Accountant, Bookkeeper, Tax Consultant & Notary Professional

My Story how I started my own firm.

From the beginning, In 1996, I founded what is now called Acadiana Tax and Notary, LLC, which I currently own and operate while also holding down a full time job.  I have done income tax preparation and bookkeeping for the general public ever since that day in my spare time in the evenings and on weekends.  I have met many wonderful people over the years and I love working with my customers and keeping in touch year after year. 

For several years before 2015, my step dad Jimmie Guidry constantly pestered me to become a notary and I kept thinking to myself that is way too hard.   After countless times of me being reminded by him that I really should do this, I began to study and signed up for classes.  This is where I met one amazing woman, my teacher Amanda “Mandy” Vaussine.  Although the pass rate for this test was astronomically out of this world, she stayed on me.  I passed my first try along with only two other people from the entire class of many.  When I walked out of the testing site, I made the sign of the cross and said…. Lord, if I don’t pass this I am never going to take it again and low and behold I had succeeded. I, Charrissa Renee’ Foreman became a Notary Public in 2015, while working as a Branch Manager of a HVAC Supply Store. I continued to learn as much as possible about the notary profession by reaching out to my mentor, Amanda “Mandy” Vaussine for guidance and continued training.  Mandy began teaching me the ins and outs of preparing wills and drafting in 2020.


Through study and continued education from Mandy, I am learning to be well-versed in a wide range of notarial services, including mortgage signings, ethics, wills, successions and trusts and general notarial acts.  In 2015, I also met an amazing man to whom I am currently engaged and we are raising our children from previous marriages to have respect for life and their careers to come. 


We currently live in Youngsville in a country home where James has resided for over 20 years.  We have made this home into our own putting our little personal touches here and there and busting our butts to achieve our goals. The past four years I have served as Comptroller for a local dealership where I learned more in depth involvement with dealership accounting, use of various dealership software and patience.  When I started here over four (4) years ago, I was planning to retire with this company but God has decided otherwise.  So, On June 12, 2020 I announce that I will be moving on to my next chapter of my life. On June 19, 2020, my sister Angie’s birthday, I found out what my next chapter in life will be. 


In Business FULL TIME for myself...... !


A special thank you goes out to my Fiance’, James Romero, my Mom & Dad, my daughters, Lacy Cassard & Laura Broussard and my son Lane, my sisters and my in-laws to be who stayed by my side and had my back all these years.